Protocol on research cooperation signed

The five-year quadrilateral protocol on cooperation was signed May 15, 2017 by RSUH, Ecole Nationale des Chartes (France), General Directorate of National Heritage and Department of Scientific and Cultural Education of the Ministry of Culture of France. At the ceremony Dr. Khorkhordina, Head of the International Master’s Program, Chair of the Department of History and Archive Management, said that in 2010 the Institute of History and Archives of RSUH had opened the international Master’s program “History and New Technologies” jointly with Ecole National des Chartes. This program allows the participants to receive a second diploma – the one from Ecole des Chartes and seven MA graduates have already used this opportunity. 


In December 2015, the Agreement between RSUH and Ecole National des Chartes was extended for another six years. RSUH and General Directorate have a no less fruitful and close relation. The specialist from the Directorate come to RSUH twice a year to read lectures for the students majoring in history, culture and archives of France. Also, RSUH faculty jointly with the experts from the Directorate, have written a French-Russian glossary for archive management specialists, which is to be published in 2017. The cooperation between RSUH and Department of Scientific and Cultural Education has also been very active as several RSUH teachers have graduated from the International Archive Courses headed by Dr. Jean-Pierre Defrance, who is also the Head of the said Department. Therefore, as Rector Ivakhnenko said, the conclusion of the current Protocol was a logical step towards further cooperation in the area of research and education. Rector also mentioned the professors that the International MA program had been created by, Dr. Starostin and Dr. Lanskoy and thanked Dr. Bezborodov, First Vice Rector, Dr. Malysheva, Dean of the Department of Archive Management and Dr. Khalilova, Chair of the Dept of Foreign Languages of the Institute of History and Archives, for their active participation in the ongoing activities and the development of the Program.


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