The Round Table “The Holocaust. Lessons of History”

The event was held April 24, with the participation of the Embassy of Israel, the International Center of Holocaust and Genocide Research of RSUH, Russian Jewish Congress, the Holocaust Center and the Interregional Holocaust Foundation. Representatives from these organizations and RSUH greeted the participants of the Table. 


The first talk was made by Dr. Asmolov, Head of the Federal Institute of Education Development and Chair of the Department of Psychology of Personality at MSU. The professor spoke on the subject of tolerance that needed to be expanded via printed materials and documentary videos that would extol human dignity as the chief virtue while teaching this topic.

Dr. Drachinsky (project Genesis at the International School of Holocaust Research in Israel) gave a talk on how the Holocaust topic was taught in Israel and how it was represented at the Yad Vashem Multimedia Center. 

Dr. Tikhankina, Head of the educational programs of the Holocaust Center, talked about the projects that Center had undertaken, such as an international competition, a creation of a database on the liberators of Auschwitz, a student conference and other events. 

Dr. Vyazemsky, Chair of the Department of Methodology of Teaching History at Moscow Pedagogical State University, talked about new approaches in teaching the Holocaust subject.

Dr. Ischenko, Vice Director of the Institute of General History at the RAS, spoke of new books and materials that the Institute was publishing on the subject.

The activity and work that the researchers, teachers and public figures are making in their effort to contribute to the Holocaust topic, was highly praised by Mr. Gerber, President of the Holocaust Foundation.





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