The 5th Session of the Forum of Rectors of Liberal Arts Universities in Russia and France in Grenoble

The event took place April 14-17 at the Grenoble-Alpes University, with the topic “Russia-France: dialogue and trust in the field of education” being the main theme of discussion. The forum is a constantly working platform for exchange of views between rectors of Russian and French universities.

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Over 40 Russian and French representatives participated in this year’s Forum

Dr. Trubnikov, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the RF opened the plenary session and in his speech talked about bilateral attempts to forge new cooperation models and the inter-disciplinary character of the Forum.

Dr. Sadovnichy, President of the Rectors’ Forum, sent a welcome address in which he spoke of the importance of the session for the effectiveness of the future Russian-French cooperation in the field of education and research.

Welcome addresses from the French side were sent by the ATHENA National Alliance and the Conference of the Presidents of French Universities.

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At the session Dr. Pivovar spoke of the results and outcomes of the 7-year work of the Forum and said that it had become an effective mechanism of bilateral cooperation, and a point of interest for all official educational institutions, which gave it a possibility to search for and find decisions on all levels.

Dr. Trubnikov launched an initiative to provide the best students and researchers with grants named after Russian and French Liberal Arts personalities of renown, talk about the importance of online education and facilitation of the visa-acquiring process for members of exchange programs, and about broadening the field of joint projects.

On the first day the forum held meetings on bilateral cooperation, development of inter-cultural dialogue, use of digital technology, double diplomas, etc.

On the second day a round table was held on the topic “Examples of successful Russian-French cooperation in the field of humanities and social sciences”.

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In the draft memorandum the participants noted that they would work to improve the quality of reception of exchange researchers, increase the number of multi-language research programs in Russia and French universities, develop extended stay exchange programs, etc.  The sides agreed that it was necessary to develop international university-based projects, support Internet-based cooperation in the fields of research and education, work toward sharing and dissemination of educational language programs. It was also decided to have created a Forum site by October 2017, coordinated by RSUH and Grenoble-Alpes University. The Forum approved the creation of grants and financial prizes named after French and Russian cultural luminaries, this program also being coordinated by RSUH and Grenoble-Alpes University.

Next Session of the Forum is planned for 2019, in Russia. 

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