The Conference “Security and Humanity in Russia and Germany during WWI”

The Conference took place March 23-24, organized by the Russian-German Center of RSUH, German Historical Center in Moscow, Freie Universität Berlin, with the support of the German Embassy in Russia.  The opening speeches were made by Rector Ivakhnenko who said that WWI had taught us what methods were inacceptable for creating international relations and Dr. Andreas Meitzner, Charge d’Affaires of the German Embassy in Moscow, who said that it was very important for Germany to add the voice of Russia to the culture of memory that was a popular historical field in Germany. 



Dr. Nikolaus Katzer, Director of the German Historical Institute in Moscow said that WWI had, sadly, set a new benchmark for cruelty and that we needed to always remember it when discussing and researching such topics as humanity in war-related contexts.


Mr. Tobias Studemann, representative of Freie Universität Berlin emphasized the importance of live communication in the sea of total digitalization.


The talks, presentations and discussions on the first day of the conference centered around the history of war-time emotions, enemy images, the multi-faceted notion of humanity, frontier, totality, deportation and exile. The presenters were researchers from RSUH, Freie Universität Berlin, the RAS, the University of Tubingen and Chuvash State University.


On the second day the main topic was “Society and Intellectuals”, presented by researchers from RSUH, University of Gottingen, Chuvash State University, RANEPA, and the University of the Southern Urals.  The participants discussed the notions of humanity and security, the role of actors in humanitarian activities, collective psychology and moral principles as regards security and humanity.

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