Solzhenitsyn Scholarship: diploma-awarding ceremony

The recipients are honor roll students majoring in literature, political science and journalism. The competition is organized under the aegis of the Ministry of Education and Science. Opening the ceremony, Rector Ivakhnenko emphasized the importance of the competition as a way to connect with the heritage of the past generations.


Mrs Solzhenitsyna, widow of the writer, also present at the ceremony, said that as most of the recipients were future journalists, that she was glad to remind them that the most important aspect in their profession was to deliver the truth and to keep their honor, human as well as professional.


President Pivovar made a speech in which he expressed gratitude on behalf of the University for being the organization chosen as the award-giving venue.


Dr. Odessky, Chair of the Department of Literary Criticism, emphasized the importance of responsibility to future journalists as journalism was the conduit through which event reached society. He also said that a journalist must combine professional detachment with literary ability.


Dr. Basovskaya, Chair of the Department of History and Director of the Center of Visual Anthropology and Ego History said that fact of the ceremony was clear evidence of the progress of the spiritual life of society as only a short time before the very name of Solzhenitsyn had been the epitome of evil.


The winners were 10 out of 67 applicants from various Russian cities. They are


Maksim Golev (Blogoveschensk State Pedagogical University)

Daria Grebenyuk (Moscow State Institute of Culture)

Aleksandra Kozlova (State University of the Southern Urals)

Polina Manannikova (Altai State Pedagogical University)

Maria Moskvina (Orenburg  State University)

Angela Patrakova (Volgograd State University)

Evgenia Stogova (Russian University of the Friendship of the Peoples)

Elena Tyurina (Voronezh State University)

Ksenia Shapovalova (St.-Petersburg State University)

Ekaterina Shakhaeva (Katanov State University of Khakassia)


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