The conference “The Russian Revolution of 1917: historiography, ideology, current issues of national unity”

In the opening speech Rector Ivakhnenko pointed out that the society was still not consolidated in the evaluation of the Revolution and such conferences were very important for making informed decisions about this historic event.  President Pivovar added that the Conference could play an important role in the popularization of academic knowledge among high school students,


The topics and sections included the following:

·        Revolution and national unity

·        Myths about the Revolution

·        Revolution and WWI

·        Revolution and its textbook description

·        Revolution as seen from abroad

·        Revolution and interdisciplinary approach

·        Revolution as represented through photos

·        Revolution and statehood

·        Revolution as opposed to failed reformation

·        Soviets in 1917

·        Revolutions and nationalities

·        Revolution in memoirs of its contemporaries

·        Revolution and emigration

·        Revolution and political parties

Revolution in student and high school projects


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