Yoga and Ayurveda Festival held at RSUH

   The International Yoga and Ayurveda Festival was held at RSUH on April 22. The event was conducted within the framework of the Year of India in Russia with active support from the Nehru Cultural Centre at the Embassy of India in the Russian Federation.

Фестиваль йоги Фестиваль йоги

During Mr. Putin’s official visit to India on December 11, 2014, Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime-Minister of India and President of the Russian Federation made a joint statement on Friendship-Dosti and adopted a Plan on Strengthening the Russian-Indian Partnership for the Following Decade. Clause 33 of the Plan provides: Russia and India shall encourage cooperation aimed at popularizing healthy lifestyle and at keeping good physical shape by participation in traditional Indian forms of yoga and ayurveda, namely, through creation of yoga and ayurveda centers and yoga retreat camps. In this regard the RSUH Center for South Asian Studies announced a set of programs on healthy lifestyle for students, faculty and staff of the University.

The idea to conduct an International Yoga and Ayurveda Festival at RSUH was strongly supported by Rector Pivovar, Correspondent Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Dr. Bezborodov, vice-rector for academic affairs, Dr. Matveeva, Rector’s assistant for international centers.

Фестиваль йоги Фестиваль йоги

Ayurveda and yoga experts were invited to the Festival which was opened by Dr Stolyarov who talked about organizing a lecture course on yoga and ayurveda for faculty and students within the framework of the Year of India in the Russian Federation.

Mr. Sanjay Jain, Deputy Director of the Nehru Cultural Centre at the Embassy of India in the Russian Federation, made a welcoming speech in which he said that the government of the Republic of India specifically focused upon disseminating yoga and ayurveda centers internationally and in Russia in particular. He also pointed out that June 21 had been declared by the UN General Assembly as International Yoga Day. The resolution was approved by consensus at the initiative of India. Yoga practice develops resistance to non-contagious diseases, helps battle stress and bring together separate communities by developing a sense of mutual respect.

Фестиваль йоги Фестиваль йоги

The day-long exhibition-cum-presentation was held at RSUH at which represented were centers, schools and practices of ayurveda medicinal and cosmetic products, life-enhancements remedies, special literature.

Фестиваль йоги Фестиваль йоги

A large part in organizing the Days of Indian Culture at RSUH was played by Dr. Stolyarov, Director of the Academic Center for East Asian Studies, Dr. Pavlenko, head oа Department of International Relations and Foreign Regional Studies, and Dr. Gazieva, teacher of Hindi at the Institute of Linguistics of RSUH.

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