Tandem project

Inspired by the ideas of Tandem language learning and the practices of partner-universities, RSUH has launched its own project called Tandem with the sheer intention to unite Russian and exchange students.

The idea of Tandem is broader than just language learning. It is primarily cultural exchange and the promotion of unity of global society. Our Russian students are willing to help our incoming exchange students to adapt to the Russian lifestyle, explain the peculiarities of Russian mentality, introduce them to the vast cultural heritage of Russia and Moscow in particular and break the notorious national stereotypes. Students go out, visit museums and art exhibitions, go to the movies, parties and other cultural and social events together so that they could immerse not only academically but culturally into the life in Russia.

Every semester the International Office holds a special Tea Party, where, in the informal atmosphere while drinking tea with biscuits, the students (both exchange and Russian ones) get acquainted and find their Tandem partners.

In order to apply for the Tandem project, fill in the online application form or write an email to our Tandem project Coordinator – the form will be sent to you in the response letter.

Online application form

Tandem project Coordinator email tandem@rggu.ru

We will be looking forward to welcoming you as a part of our university community!

Welcome party for our exchange students October 5, 2017

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