7-th Eurasian Conference on development of international education IUNC Eurasia 2018

May 14-17, 7-th Eurasian Conference on the development of international education IUNC Eurasia 2018 took place in Moscow. IUNC Eurasia Conference is aimed at establishing cooperation between higher education institutions of Russia and the CIS with foreign universities, as well as recruiting agencies, with a view to develop exchange programs and recruit full-time students from foreign countries. It is for the 7th time that the representatives from the universities of Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Latin America gathered in Moscow to meet with Russian and CIS universities and discuss possible ways of cooperation in the field of exchanges, joint educational programs, joint research projects and other areas. 

RSUH was presented by the Vice-Rector for international coopertaion, - - Professor, Doctor Vera Zabotkina, who took part in the work of the panel discussion "Global role of Russian universities", and also made a presentation on "The impact of international project management on the development of communication strategies of internationalization."

The report aroused great interest among the participants of the conference, and also helped to promote the RSUH brand in the international arena and establish useful contacts.

In addition to the countries of the Eastern Europe, such countries as Belgium (represented by the Ghent University), Switzerland, United Kingdom, as well as Ecuador, Thailand, etc. took an active part in the event.

RSUH participation in the Conference is particularly important in the light the governmental priority project to develop the export potential of the Russian education system, which the university is highly involved in.

During the event multiple agreements were achieved and new mechanisms for attracting foreign students and postgraduates to RSUH, including recruitment agencies from Spain, Cyprus, Turkey and other countries, were developed.

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