Lecture by Prof. Logunov to international students

Lecture by Prof. Logunov to international students

On March 21, 2018 Doctor of Historical sciences, Dean of the Faculty of History, Political science and Law  Professor Alexander Logunov delivered a lecture on the topic "Russia and Europe: problems of misunderstanding", which aroused the keen interest of foreign students.

Professor Logunov engaged the students in a lively discussion about the cultural and historical differences that between states, and their effect on the political situation in historical retrospect and modernity. The professor also noted the possible outlines of such events in the future.

Students actively answered questions and asked their own, which clearly demonstrated the possibility of resolving any conflict situations diplomatically, as well as a various possibilities for international inter-cultural communication.

The lecture was held in the large exhibition hall of RSUH, where students were able to enjoy not only the skill of Professor Logunov to emotionally deliver the information, but also masterpieces of the Museum center of the University.

The lecture is part of a series of events organized for international students within the orientation week. The goal of the orientation week is to introduce students to the cultural values of Russia and to help them adapt to life in Moscow. In the spring semester 2018 students from 16 countries and more than 30 universities in the framework of international academic mobility program are studying at RSUH. 

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