“Tolles Diktat” – an all-Russia dictation in the German language

“Tolles Diktat” – an all-Russia dictation in the German language

On February 21, 2018 "Tolles Diktat" – an all-Rissoan open dictator in the German language was held at RSUH. The event was organized by the international Union of German culture and Tomsk regional Russian-German House with the support of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation, the Federal Agency for national affaires and RSUH. The dictation is held to promote the German language and the culture of writing in German.

RSUH Vice-rector for international cooperation Prof. Dr. Vera I. Zabotkina in the speech to the participants stressed that it was not a coincidence that the dictator was held at RSUH: the University often becomes a platform for this kind of events. Noting the strategic importance of friendly relations between Russia and Germany and expressing the hope that the cooperation will continue, Prof. Dr. Vera I. Zabotkina also recalled that the year 2019 will be the year of science and education between Russia and Germany, which means that RSUH will host "a huge number of joint events: both scientific and educational."

The first dictation in the German language took place in 2013, and it was written at that time by only 130 pupils in the Tomsk region. But in 2017 the dictation was written by about 29 thousand people throughout Russia. This year from Tolles Diktat will be written by more than 30 thousand people. The geography of the dictation expanded: it includes not only Russia, but also Germany, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia and Kazakhstan. This event has already acquired international status, and in the future it will not be an all-Russian action, but an international one.

The results of the event will be published on the Information portal of Russian Germans RusDeutsch on April 17. http://rusdeutsch.ru/Nachrichten/10332

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