Miss International Students Association Moscow-2018

Association of International Students is inviting all the international students to participate in the IV International Open Student Beauty Contest "Miss International Students Association Moscow-2018", (hereinafter "Miss AIS Moscow-2018"), which will be held May 18, 2018 in Moscow and will unite over a thousand people from all over the world.

The International Open Student Beauty Contest "Miss AIS Moscow - 2018" is a cultural and mass event aimed at fostering a students’ sense of beauty, tolerance, respect and the art of communication. The competition is one of the forms of realizing the potential of foreign and Russian students and developing a youth policy in Moscow. The competition is one of the factors contributing to the strengthening of friendship between the peoples living in Moscow, the promotion of moral values, the education of tolerance among young people.

Organizers of the event: Association of International Students in Moscow with the support of AIS of Russia and the universities of Moscow.


+7 (999) 854-98-68 Lyateva Maria Georgieva

+7 (985) 234-90-51 Traore Aisha

Participants can register through the following link:


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