Lecture by Elisabeth Roudinesco "Sigmund Freud: In His Time and O...

Lecture by Elisabeth Roudinesco "Sigmund Freud: In His Time and Ours"

On December 12 Elizabeth Roudinesco, a renowned French historian and psychoanalyst, read a lecture "Sigmund Freud: In His Time and Ours" at RSUH. The author also presented her latest book of the same name. The lecture aroused special interest from the students studying at the RSUH Institute of Psychology. 

The book "Sigmund Freud: In His Time and Ours" is a monumental biographical study based on newly discovered archival material which reviews the philosopher's life path. The author claims that Freud is an heir to the Age of Enlightenment and a romantic tradition. While most European scientists based their research on facts and behavior, Freud turned to literature and mythology in his psychoanalysis theory.

During the lecture, Elizabeth Roudinesco described the context where the ideas of Sigmund Freud came from, the influence of various cities, professional acquaintances, patients, collections of works of art on his work. The prof. Roudinesco's view on Freud is an objective view in the context of the present time and the questions that we face in a completely changed world. That is why our students were very excited about this lecture. They asked questions and received detailed answers. 

In his turn RSUH Vice-Rector of the Information policy prof. Titkov thanked Elizabeth Roudinesco for her visit and expressed his confidence that from her professional point of view "RSUH would get a good diagnosis."

The "Sigmund Freud in Time and Ours" edition is available at the RSUH bookstore "Kentavr." 

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