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The wave of populist parties in Europe (29.11.2017) The wave of populist parties in Europe (29.11.2017)
Meeting with Yves Rossier, the Ambassador of Switzerland, and his lecture "The wave of populist parties in Europe"

China in Modern Poetry (4.12.2017-5.12.2017) China in Modern Poetry (4.12.2017-5.12.2017)

Conference "China in Modern Poetry"

In the framework of the "Moscow Poetry Biennale" International Festival an international scientific conference "China in Modern poetry" will be held in conjunction with RSUH and the University of Trier on December 4 and 5, 2017.

The first day of the Conference (December 4) will take place in RSUH, the second (December 5) in the Gorky Institute of World Literature.

Course of lectures on culture and music by PhD Heli Reimann (10.11.2017 - 24.11.2017)
"Higher school for European cultures" research center invites all comers to attend the course of lectures delivered by PhD Heli Reimann, jazz and modern popular music researcher from the University of Helsinki 
(download the annotation with the required literature)

The ShanghAI Lectures 2017 (14.12.2017)
Lectures will be held by video conference. The project will be open to all the interested students (both undergraduate and postgraduate). 

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