About the project

Objectives of the project

The program’s objective is to promote theoretical interdisciplinary knowledge on children’s rights and childhood studies and to trigger reflection on how this knowledge can be effectively applied in every-day activities of the ombudsmen, municipalities, specialists in the social, educational, administrative areas dealing with the children’s rights, as well as in schools, orphanages, etc.

General information

The CREAN (Children’s Rights Erasmus Academic Network) project started in Free University of Berlin in order to develop the links between the Universities and other organizations, researchers and practitioners dealing with the children’s rights especially through the academic collaboration and creating the Masters Programs on the Children’s Rights.

In 2012 Russian State University for the Humanities became a member of the consortium of the project that has won a competition of European programs and received funding for three years. It became possible for RSUH to join the project due to the unique course, developed by the university in association with UNICEF and the Commissioner for Children’s Rights in Russia. The project was called “The Professional Development Program for the Ombudsmen for Children's Rights in Russian Regions”. 83 ombudsmen from all Russian regions have taken the 72-hour course and have received the state recognized certificates.

In 2012 within the joint project of RSUH and UNICEF “Development of the Russian Universities’ network interaction system on solving educational problems in the children's rights protection” RSUH hosted the international conference “Children’s Rights Protection in Social and Educational Projects: the Regional Aspect”.

On the basis of RSUH the network of 12 Russian and 2 Ukrainian Universities was formed. The network’s objective was to analyze the participating educational institutions’ experience in implementation of educational programs in the field of children's rights protection.

Within the CREAN project Russian MA students will be able to study at the leading European universities and European MA students will be able to apply for study at the Russian State University for the Humanities.

Besides participating in CREAN project in 2013 RSUH has received the invitation to join The European network of Universities ENMCR (European Network of Master’s in Children’s Rights) which includes 45 European universities.

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