RSUH/RGGU Bulletin

“RSUH/RGGU Bulletin” appeared in 1996 and was issued till 2000. “Bulletin” publishing was resumed by the RGGU Academic Council resolution of 27.06.2006 because of the need to introduce into scientific practice the results of carried out in RGGU fundamental, applied and pilot studies in the fields of humanities and social sciences; to secure the scientific communication; to involve young scientists with the realization of RGGU research programs; to facilitate implementing results of scientific-research work into RGGU educational programs. On 16.11.2006 the journal was registered as media organization. As fr om 2015 the journal is divided into integrated thematic series (“History. Philology. Cultural Studies. Oriental Studies”; “Philosophy. Social Studies. Art Studies”; “Political Science. History. International Relations. Area Studies. Oriental Studies”; “Records Management and Archival Studies. Computer Science. Data Protection and Information Security”; “Psychology. Pedagogics. Education”; “Economics. Management. Law”; “Philology. Journal of Language Relationship”) and continues to execute the functions which it has been executing since 2006.

The journal is distributed through subscription by “Rospechat” agency. Those who intend to subscribe for our journal may find the subscription index number as on our site (in its item, devoted to one or another series) and in the JSC Agency “Rospechat” catalogue – “Newspapers. Magazines”.

The journal is on “The List of Russian peer-reviewed journals, wh ere in principal scientific results of dissertations in candidacy for a degree of a Doctor of Science or of a Philosophy Doctor are to be published”(wording of the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles List of 2012 ).

Every issue of the journal is posted on the Internet on RGGU website.

The journal is sent to major foreign universities (Stanford, Jagiellonian, Tartu etc.) and libraries (the Library of US Congress, the National Library of the United Kingdom, the National Library of the Republic of Belarus etc.). “RSUH/RGGU Bulletin” is regularly exhibited at international and Russian book fairs.

The journal cooperates with the Scientific Electronic Library through inclusion into Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI). That is the national information and analytical system designed as for operational support of scientific researches with up-to-date bibliographical reference information and for performance assessment of scientific research organizations, scientists and the level of academic journals.

Among “RSUH/RGGU Bulletin” authors there are famous professionals in various fields of the humanitaristics.

Articles publication is free.

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