The Recror’s research activity

Research activity

Evgeny Ivakhnenko is an expert in higher education in Russia, social communication, philosophy of education and updating of the modern university. The main research results relate to the study of problems of the history of philosophy, epistemological problems of information theories and social philosophy (social complexity, N. Luhmann’s system theory of communication, "post-socialist research").

He is the Head of the research-pedagogical school "Communication autopoiesis: the problem of minimizing social risks" on the RSUH Faculty of Philosophy.

He is a member of editorial boards of the following journals: "Higher education in Russia", "Information society", "RSUH Bulletin" (Series "Philosophy. Sociology"), "Current issues in modern science. Interregional collection of research papers".

He is a member of two dissertation councils for doctoral theses: Д 212.198.05 (Philosophy), Д 212.198.10 (Sociology).

Professor Ivakhnenko is the author of over 130 research publications, including 3 monographs, chapters in collective works, textbooks and teaching materials for high schools.

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