The Recror’s major publications

Major publications

  • Ivakhnenko E. N. Transdisciplinarity in action // questions of philosophy. 2015. No. 12. P. 134-135.

  • Ivakhnenko E. N. The change in the strategy of understanding the complicated: from metaphysics and rationality to the communicative contingently// Izvestiya of the Smolensk state University. 2011, №4.

  • Ivakhnenko E. N. "Asymmetry", "Dao of physics" (F. Capra), "Philosophical basis of physics. Introduction to the philosophy of science" (R. Karnap), "The logic of cultural studies" (E. Cassirer)// Encyclopedia of epistemology and philosophy of science. –M.: Kanon+, 2009.

  • Ivakhnenko E. N. Science and religion in Russian Education: from collision and conflict to compromise and cooperation// Value discourse in Sciences and Theology. M.: IF RAN, 2009. –pp. 300-320.

  • Ivakhnenko E. N. Autopoiesis of information objects// Information society. 2009. No. 1. Pp. 23-31.

  • Ivakhnenko E. N. The establishment of the Magistracy in the modern Russian University// Alma mater. Higher school Bulletin. 2009, №1. pp. 5-9.

  • Ivakhnenko E. N. Rorty, Richard// Modern Western philosophy. Encyclopedic dictionary/ Ed. V. S. Malakhov and V. P. Filatov. M., 2008.

  • Ivakhnenko E. N. The world of social relay races (review of the book by M. A. Rozov, "The Theory of social relays and the problem of epistemology". - Smolensk, 2006. - 439 p.)// Epistemology and philosophy of science. M.: IPhRAS. 2008. No. 1. pp. 239-244.

  • Ivakhnenko E. N. Russian University in front of forced epistemes of the new globalism// Higher education in Russia. Research-pedagogical journal of Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation. M., 2008. No. 2. pp. 122-129.

  • Ivakhnenko E. N., Ataeva L. I. The adventures of unarticulated intelligence// Knowledge. Understanding. Skill. The research journal. Moscow University for the Humanities. M., No. 1. 2007. pp. 48-57.

  • Ivakhnenko E. N. The intellectual disputes of the seventeenth century: “graecophiles” and “Latinists” // Russia XXI. Socio-political and research journal. M., No. 1, 2006. Pp. 86-107.

  • Ivakhnenko E. A Threshold-Dominant Model of the Imperial and Colonial Discourses of Russia// The South Atlantic Quarterly. Summer 2006. Volume 105. Number 3. Duke University Press. Pp. 595-616.

  • Ivakhnenko E. N. Kant philosophy of the world: between the rational project and the mandatory prohibition// Philisophy. 2005. No. 12. Pp. 25-43.

  • Ivakhnenko E. N. Tradition as a philosophical discourse // the History of philosophy and socio-cultural context. Collection of research papers. Ed. RSUH. M., 2003.

  • Ivakhnenko E. N. The ontology of conflict and strategies of mediation// Century of tolerance. Scientific Herald. 2003. No. 6. M.: "Gratis", 2003.

  • Ivakhnenko E. N. The Russian alternative to "priceclose" – tolerance and tolerance// Age of tolerance. Research Herald. 2001. No. 3-4. M.: "Gratis", 2001.

  • Ivakhnenko E. N. Russia on "the threshold": the ideological confrontation and "thresholds" in the currents of Russian religious-philosophical and political thought (XI - beginning of XX centuries): Historical and philosophical study. (Monograph). SPb.: Herzen State Pedagogical University, 1999. – 19.l.

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