University Structure

Institute for History and Archives

15 Nikolskaya St. “Ploshad’ Revolutsii,” “Teatral’naya” metro stations

  • Division for Archival Studies
  • Division for Documentation and Technical Archives
  • Division for History, Political Science and Law
  • Division for International Relations and Foreign Area Studies

Institute for History and Philology

15 Chayanov St., bldg. 7, “Novoslobodskaya” metro station

  • Division for History and Philology

Institute for Linguistics

6 Miusskaya Sq., bldg. 2 metro “Novoslobodskaya” metro station

  • Division for Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

Institute for Economics, Management and Law

15 Chayanov St., bldg. 7, “Novoslobodskaya” metro station

  • Division for Management
  • Division for Economics
  • Law Division

L.S.Vygotsky Institute for Psychology

6 Miusskaya Sq, bldg. 7, “Novoslobodskaya” metro station

  • Division for Psychology
  • Division for Educational Psychology

Mass-Media Institute

15 Chayanov St., “Novoslobodskaya” metro station

  • Division for Journalism

Institute for Information Sciences and Security Technologies

25, bldg.2, Kirovogradschaya St., “Ulitsa akademika Yangelya” metro station

  • Division for Information Security
  • Division for Information Systems

Institute for Oriental and Classical Studies

6 Miusskaya Sq. bldg. 1

Division for History of Art

6 Miusskaya Sq. bldg. 7

Division for Sociology

6 Miusskaya Sq., bldg. 7

Division for Philosophy

6 Miusskaya Sq., bldg. 7 

Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities

6 Miusskaya Sq., bldg. 7

Social Anthropology Research and Education Center

Vldimir S. Golenihchev International Research and Education Center for the study of ancient civilizations of Egypt and Sudan

Center for the Study of Religion

Russian-American Study and Research Center for Biblical and Jewish Studies

Russian-American Academic Center for American Studies

Research-education Centre for Cognitive Programs and Technologies

Russian-Swiss Center of RSUH

Russian - Swedish Center for Education and Research

Russian - Turkish Educational and Research Center

The Department of Iranian Studies

Graduate School of European Cultures

RSUH Prep Center

The College of the Humanities

The Art Design Center

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