Usually the representatives of the University meet foreign students at the airport and arrange transportation from the airport or a Moscow train station directly to the University. The availability of transfer depends on each university’s individual agreement with the RSUH. Otherwise, use the licensed taxi cabs or public transportation. Don’t accept offers from private carriers or gypsy cabs; go to an official taxi reservation service. 
From the Domodedovo airport:
From the Sheremetyevo airport:

From the Vnukovo airport: 
The University is located in the downtown Moscow on Miusskaya Square between the metro stations “Novoslobodskaya” (the Circle line) and “Mendeleevskaya” (the Gray line). It’s a five-minute walk to the dormitory from either station. For more information on getting to the University from the metro, look at the map. After getting to the main building you call +7 499 250-6516 (Department for Foreign Students) for further assistance.

Address of the main building of RSUH is 15 Chayanova street, Moscow.

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